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It started on Instagram

In 2019, Dan Burkard and Michelle Carilli co-created the Instagram account @wickedtasty in Nashville. Reaching 10,000 followers by the end of 2020 the page became one of the largest and fastest growing food blogs in Music City.


The @wickedtasty brand was built to highlight and showcase the great diversity of food & drink in central Tennessee. No corporate chains. No national brands. The brand's mission was to feature only locally owned & operated restaurants.


Quickly, they saw a way to leverage their platform, photography and social media skills to help the local restaurant community.


A pandemic pivot

In early 2020, the team at @wickedtasty was preparing to launch a social media and photography business in Nashville to help local restaurants leverage their online presence. Only two weeks before their planned launch the entire country shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Small businesses, especially restaurants, bars and retail were hit hard in Nashville. With many businesses just trying to figure out how to survive, services like photography and social media management went to the back of the priority list.


The team was forced to re-evaluate their plan and make a pivot to not only help restaurants survive COVID, but thrive as the industry began it's long climb back.

Back in business

When restaurants began re-opening for in-house dining in late Spring of 2020, nearly every restaurant in Nashville adopted touch-less QR menus.


Guests quickly adapted to the new technology but the team @wickedtasty spotted a major flaw with digital menus: PDF files or website menus were not designed to be viewed on an iPhone. The menus were hard to read and required guests to do a lot of pinching, zooming and scrolling.


While drinking Mai Tais the team @wickedtasty saw an opportunity to both improve the guest experience and help restaurants better leverage this new technology by putting pictures on digital menus.


That's when MENU by @wickedtasty, the better menu, was born!

Meet the team

Dan Burger 2 Final.jpg

Dan Burkard

founder of MENU

co-creator of @wickedtasty


Emily Reynolds

public relations


Michelle Carilli

co-creator of @wickedtasty


Colter Bergh

software development

Shawn Hettwer

sales & marketing


Quinlan Ulysses

video production

Brands on MENU

Mac Logo.png
FatBottom_logo_CMYK_Medalion (1).png
SB logo.png
AVO logo.png
PLP Logo.png

For the past 6 months we have been working with amazing brands across Nashville to beta test our photo based menus. Some of our beta partners can be seen above. To view their MENU click their logo. MENU is best viewed on a mobile device.

The guest facing platform (the picture menus) will remain the same as we launch MENU in April 2021. We will be adding new back-end features for restaurants that will allow you to manage your MENU from any device, easily toggle items on/off, create time based menus, get guest insights and much more!


Join the waitlist to claim your spot in line when we launch this Spring.

Thank you, restaurants

Independently owned & locally operated restaurants & bars are the backbone of every American community. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic you have provided many Americans a sense of normalcy by keeping your doors open and letting us all enjoy the food & drink that reminds us of a different time.


Thank you for all the hard work you have done to keep your staff & guests safe while continuing to provide your community with an essential service.

You are our heroes. You are our inspiration. This one is for you. Cheers!