Our MENU platform is currently under construction. We plan to launch under our new domain www.wickedtasty.menu on April 2nd, 2021. Until then, please find the details about our new site and beta program below!


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We have partnered with some awesome brands around Nashville to test our picture based digital menu. When we launch our new platform, the front-end design will remain but the back-end portal will give you more horsepower than a Ferrari!

The Science Behind MENU

We asked our 10,000+ followers on our Instagram page which digital menu experience they would prefer - pictures or without pictures. Nearly 4 out of 5 people preferred a digital menu with pictures.

Furthermore, in a separate survey of our fans we asked how many currently go to third party sites like Instagram, Google Reviews or Yelp! to see pictures of food before ordering.

The results? Over  50% want to know what food looks like before they order.

Let's face it... PICTURES SELL FOOD!

What Is The Better Menu?

We have performed extensive testing of our front-end menu displays (the pictures) with our beta partners. It has helped to increase their guests' overall in-house dining experiences. But for our beta partners, they felt they needed a better back-end system to easily create, update and manage their menus from any device.


With our new platform, our partners will be able to control their menu(s) from their devices with a ton of helpful functionality.


Offer special pricing on certain items during happy hour? Simply set your MENU to show those prices or items only when you desire.


Sold out of your most popular dish? Quickly toggle it off to remove it from your MENU display.

In addition to providing you the most powerful digital menu solution on the market, you will also be able to get insights and data around who your guests are and how they interact with you MENU.


Did you know that females view your "Big Burger" the most?


Did you know that people 35-50 are the most popular age group for your trivia nights on Tuesdays?

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We built MENU because we love the restaurant community in Nashville. The support the community has shown us while we built our Instagram @wickedtasty is what has inspired us to use our life savings to build a platform that will not only help local restaurants survive, but thrive!

We are still accepting beta partners to get their MENU built for FREE prior to our launch in April. Not ready to commit to that yet? That's okay, but don't miss out in case you change your mind!

Use the button below to claim a 50% off coupon, redeemable anytime and good for your first 12 months on the MENU platform.