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Information enables action 

In 2021, information is abundant. But information on your guests is fragmented, inaccessible or incomplete. How much do you really know about who is visiting your restaurant?


Your guests also want to know more about your restaurant and your food. But tracking down pictures on social media or review sites can be hard. When guests go to other sites, you don't control the narrative.

The better menu

Get to know your guests & let your guest get to know your food

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Benefits for you

  • Get detailed demographic information on guests who visit your restaurant

  • Learn how your guests interact with your digital menu and your food

  • Make updates to your MENU or add new items in under 60 seconds

  • No new hardware needed. Anyone on your team can update your MENU from any phone or laptop

  • Provide your guests the better MENU experience they are asking for​... PICTURES OF YOUR FOOD!

Benefits for your guests


of your guests want digital menus post COVID-19 


of your guests want pictures on your digital menu


of your guests search pictures online while at your restaurant


of your guests search pictures online before deciding where to eat

Hey there! We have the better menu solution for your restaurant!

Brands on MENU

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We have partnered with some amazing brands in Nashville to beta test MENU.

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Built for local

We love the independently owned & locally operated restaurants across America. That's why we created MENU.

Not big tech

And we're not just another platform.

We don't want to rack-up the fees or cause your staff any more headaches.