Tech Trends: A New Catering Platform for Local Restaurants

2020 showed us that the more revenue streams your restaurant has, the more likely you are to make it through tough times. While carry-out and delivery tech got all the buzz in 2020, as the world begins to return to “normal” in 2021, Brett Ables & Erin Hill at FEAST are focused on helping local restaurants build a new revenue stream: Catering.

What’s better than handing off a single order of burger & fries to the Door Dash driver? Handing off 2 trays of burgers to a corporate catering client.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, catering was an often-overlooked revenue stream for many local restaurants. Finding corporate catering clients usually requires having an “in” at local companies. And the tech platforms that exist to facilitate these connections may take upwards of 25% of top line sales, which makes fulfilling profitable orders nearly impossible.

Many local corporate offices opt to fulfill catering orders directly from large chains like Chipotle or Taziki’s because placing an order through their online platforms is easier than finding local restaurants who offer catering.

Brett & Erin, seasoned veterans of the hospitality industry, saw a need to help local restaurants connect with local corporate catering clients. The idea for FEAST was born.

FEAST connects, promotes and grows relationships based around food — revealing a multitude of catering possibilities to customers. What makes FEAST different than existing catering platforms is that FEAST was built specifically for independent restaurants with their local communities in mind.

“I envision a massive platform where customers can place catering orders from their favorite restaurants at the click of a button. I want the creation of FEAST to bring communities together to share a meal around the same table,” said Erin Hill, Co-Founder & Creative Director at FEAST.

She continued, “we want to help restaurants, but we also want to leave our footprint by uplifting the community as a whole. We plan on being very involved with non-profit organizations and we want to be able to provide meals to those less fortunate as often as we can!”

FEAST plans to launch their catering platform this Spring in Birmingham with plans to leverage their network of restaurants & corporate clients to expand quickly into the Nashville market. Local Nashville favorites like Hattie B’s have already signed on to be part of the launch. The company is currently registering local restaurants through their website.

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