Change tech culture

For too long, big tech companies & startups have been irresponsible and unaccountable.


What food delivery companies did during the coronavirus pandemic was a disgrace. They charged 30% fees to their "customers" (restaurants they held hostage). They paid their drivers pennies on the dollar. And many of them still are not profitable companies.

Unprofitable tech companies & startups that burn money on things like luxury office space and foosball tables in the break room is not just a waste of resources, but also puts their employees jobs at risk should the company fail.


It's like the founders of big tech companies & startups are out of touch with the reality many small business owners face running a business in America. As a responsible tech company we will put people, planet and your profits first and our profits second.  


Start with people & planet

It all starts with people. Whether it is our employees, your guests, your employees or you, people are our number one concern.

We promise to treat all of our employees with respect, provide them a livable wage of at least $15/hour and foster a culture for career advancement.

We promise to treat all of our clients, their employees and their guests with that same respect, provide them with the best service possible and build a platform that not only helps them survive in the post COVID world but thrive in the post COVID world.

We promise to do our part to be a sustainable company and provide the hospitality industry with tools for a greener planet.

You profit before we profit

We understand that we can't exist if you don't exist. That's why we want to provide you with a platform ​that positively impacts your bottom line.

We know that the next few years will be a challenge for many local & independent restaurants as you rebuild the industry. And because we understand how thin the line is for many restaurants between profits & losses we want to do everything we can to ensure you and all our clients can always keep your doors open.

We went through a devastating tornado, a pandemic and a bombing in Nashville in 2020. We will work with any client who may face external issues like natural disasters, pandemics or terrorist attacks to ensure you never have to face the choice of using our great software or keeping your lights on.